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Webtrackker Training Centre

Oracle DBA online training in India & Oracle DBA online training from India

Oracle DBA online training in India - Database or simply DB is an organized and structured collection of information which can be to efficiently retrieved, updated and analyzed. A simple VB code, C, excel or notepad cannot manage large number of users and files. Also easy extraction, backup and restoration of data are not possible with this approach. To counter this limitation Oracle has come up with Oracle database or Oracle RDBMS. It is the relational database management system. The main objective of this is to store, manage and retrieve information efficiently to deliver high performance. It is also termed as RDBMS or simply Oracle. Oracle consists of various software mechanisms to achieve maximized data concurrency, high performance for maximum productivity for multi users in database environment.

Oracle DBA online training in India - Oracle DBA’s are the most intelligent, fierce and underappreciated and over protective folks I have ever known. A good DBA can do many things including help architect a good solution, assist developer in optimizing and better using features of the database and ensuring the database is healthy and protected. Oracle DBA as a profession is quite respectable and includes a lot of job responsibilities. You can become a certified professional by taking Oracle DBA course and obtain Oracle certifications, which are offered at a number of authorized institutions.

Oracle DBA online training in India - Oracle is not going away soon. Oracle database is a well established enterprise grade database and is really complex, that's why anyone who has Oracle needs a DBA. So, the demand for Oracle DBAs is not going away soon. Hadoop is pretty new and is a big player in cloud computing. It's used to build big data, especially when people are building big data apps using open source technology. There are lots of competing technologies in the market from the big players. For Oracle Application DBA or Hadoop Training, is best option.

Oracle DBA online training in India - WEBTRACKKER India is reputed, registered, and certified training institutes in India. WEBTRACKKER is offering a wide variety of multiple IT & non IT training courses, we are well familiar with oracle (DBA) course as “The (DBA). A DBA is emerging technologies and new design approaches. A DBA is usually expected to have experience with one or more of the major database management products, such as sap and Oracle-based database management software”. At WEBTRACKKER aspirant can learn the various way of Oracle DBA is easiest and fastest way. In this course you will learn about “Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database, Controlling and monitoring user access to the database, Enrolling users and maintaining system security, Installing and upgrading the Oracle server and application tools, WEBTRACKKER provides the best oracle DBA training based on current industry standards that is helpful for both, student, those who are working professionally and want to upgrade the skill instantly. Oracle DBA online training in India, On the basis of their extensive hands on experience in DBA Industry.

If you are a newbie and starting your learning journey or are you looking to advance your career, boost your credibility. Our trainers can help you the best. At WEBTRACKKER student can explore vast world of oracle DBA. WEBTRACKKER oracle DBA will be taken care of by highly experienced and professionals training who has a rich experience in implementing, consulting, and training delivery. They have been training the students since last many years and have trained thousands of students Oracle DBA online training in India

WEBTRACKKER is one of the biggest and world class training institutes in India. At WEBTRACKKER you can have the experience of real-time projects that help the attendee to get a hands-on practical knowledge that you will need to apply at work when you will step into reality of IT sector. WEBTRACKKER prepares thousands of students at reasonable fees. That is customized in keeping training course content requirement each student. Oracle DBA online training in India

WEBTRACKKER India is one the best Oracle DBA Training center in India with 100% job assurance after your successful completion of course with us. WEBTRACKKER has well defined course module and training sessions for Oracle DBA classes are available in day time, weekend classes evening classes and also are available as per your timing. WEBTRACKKER prepares numerous students and a majority of students get proper and satisfying placement in different multinational organization as we are strongly connected with our tie-up and hiring HRs. Oracle DBA online training in India

Modules About Modules
INTRODUCTION TO ORACLE DBA What is DBA ?, Why a Company needs a DBA?, Roles & Responsibilities of DBA, Oracle Architecture, Physical and Logical Phase of Database, Types of files(Control file, Redolog file and Datafile), Different types of Datafiles, Instance, SGA(System Global Area) and Background Process
WDATABASE CREATION Different Startup Modes, Different Shutdown Modes, Types of Database Creation, Manual Method of Creation
TABLESPACE MANAGEMENT Introduction to Table space, Types of Table space(BIG & SMALL), Temporary Table space, Altering/Renaming a Table space, Renaming a data file, Temporary Groups, Table space Encryption(11g)
STORAGE PARAMETERS What are segments?, What are extents?, What is Blocks?, Oracle Blocks, Estimation of Extents, Dictionary Managed Table space, Locally Managed Table space, Storage Parameters(Initial, Next, Min Extents, Xtents, Pctincrease)
USER MANAGEMENT Who are Database Users?, Why to create a User?, Creation of Users, Assigning Privileges, Creating and granting Roles, Allocating table space Quotas to Users, Assigning default table space for the Users, Setting Profiles for the Users, Levels of Authentication, Schema Management(11g), Security(11g)
UNDO MANAGEMENT What is Undo?, Why Undo required?, Pending offline status, Brief idea about Rollback segments, Flashback Features, Flashback Table, Flashback query, Flashback Version query
What is spfile? Difference between spfile and pfile, Advantages of spfile, What is OMF?, Advantages of OMF, Files conventions of OMF
NETWORKING IN ORACLE Introduction to Oracle Networking, Network default location, Editing Network file
Tnsnames.ora Introduction to Database Links, Types of Database Links, Introduction to Materialized views, Advantages of Materialized view, Refresh Modes
REDO-LOG & CONTROLFILE MANAGEMENT Introduction to Redo log, Status of Redo logs, Multiplexing the Redo log files, Re-creation of Control file, Renaming the Database, Multiplexing the Control file
LOGICAL BACKUP What is a logical backup, Why it is required, Export/import Utility, Data Pump, Difference between Data Pump and Traditional Export/import, Impdp/expdp, Transportable Table spaces
PHYSICAL BACKUP Introduction to Physical backup, Types of Physical backup, Cold & Hot backup, Recovery scenarios, RMAN backup, RMAN Point in time recovery, RMAN 11g new features
PEFORMANCE TUNING What is Performance Tuning?, Why Tuning required?, Types of Tuning, Database Tuning, Tuning, SQL Tuning, Memory Tuning, Network Tuning, Partitioning and Indexes, Partitioning Enhancements, AWR/ASH/ASMM/ADDM, RAT(Real Application Testing)(11g), SQL Performance Analyses (11g), Row chaining and Row migration, Resemble Table spaces

Top 20 Reasons to Choose WEBTRACKKER for Oracle DBA online training in India

  • Oracle DBA online training in India Facilitate regular, weekend and customized Training in India.
  • One of the biggest team of certified subject specialist trainers with 5 to 10 years of real Industry Experience
  • Free of cost classes for personality development courses including English spoken Oracle DBA online training classes in India.
  • Smart class room fully latest equipment with projectors, Wi-Fi connectivity and lab facilities available as per your timing.
  • An environment for silent discussion zone with group discussion.
  • Smart Labs with Real Latest Equipments.
  • 24x7 Lab Facilities. Students are free to access the labs for unlimited number of hours as per their own preferred timings.
  • Best training according to current IT market.
  • Facilitate regular, weekend and customized training.
  • Free of Cost Personality Development sessions including Spoken English, Group Discussions, Mock Interviews, Presentation skills.
  • Gruop Discussions, 24x7 Labs facility is available.
  • Smart classrooms fully equipped with projectors and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Hostel Facilities available at Rs 5,500/month for Oracle DBA online training in India students.
  • Free Personality Development course including Spoken English, Group Discussions, Mock Interviews, Presentation skills.
  • Globally Recognized Course Completion Certificate.
  • Good study environment and group discussion with trainer and student.
  • Globally Recognized Course Completion Certificate.
  • Better relationship between student and trainers.
  • The ability to retake the class at no-charge as often as desired..
  • One-on One attention by trainers..
  • we provide 100% placement assistance
  • we prepare the students get placed in top IT firm such as HCL, TCS, Wipro, etc.
  • all the well connected with hiring HRs in MNCs

WEBTRACKKER Trainer's Profile for Oracle DBA online training in India

WEBTRACKKER'S Oracle DBA 12C Trainers are:

  • Have worked professional in multinational companies such a HCL Technologies, Wipro, TCS, IBM, Sapient, Agilent Technologies, etc.
  • They are certified professional with 7+ years of experience in real industry.
  • Are working professionals working in multinational companies such as HCL Technologies, Birlasoft, TCS, IBM, Sapient, Agilent Technologies etc.
  • They are subject specialist and up to date in the subject they have ability to deliver the best knowledge because they continue to spend time in the real world industry
  • They are well connected with Multinational company’s hiring HRs to providing the placement as soon as possible
  • They help to student to develop the ability as per current industry standards to get the success for their dream job

Placement Assistance after Oracle DBA online training in India

WEBTRACKKER'S 100% Placement Assistance

  • Webtrackker Technology prepares numerous students and a majority of students get proper and satisfying placement in different multinational organization as we are strongly connected with our tie-up and hiring HRs.
  • trainers also conduct the placement training to the candidates it involves conducting aptitude tests, mock interviews, mock group discussions and assisting in CV writing
  • Webtrackker Technology is the leader in offering placement to the students, as it has a dedicated placement team which caters to the needs of the students during placements..

webtrackker Course duration for Oracle DBA online training in India

  • Fast Track Training Program (4+ hours Saturday And Sunday)
  • Demo Classes (Free Demo Class Time 1 pm Saturday And Sunday)
  • Weekend Training Classes (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)
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