Best Python Training Institute in Noida , Delhi Fee is 11000 Rs Noida

Python Training Institute in Noida , Delhi, Best Python Training Institute In Noida , Delhi
Python Training Institute in Noida , Delhi 4 out of 5 based on 23 ratings. 5 user reviews.

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Python Training  in Noida
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Webtrackker Training Centre

Best Python training Institute In Noida

Best Python Training Institute In Noida , Delhi & Python Training In Noida , Delhi

Python Training Institute in Noida - Webtrackker is an autonomous Training Institutes of Noida for python training. Webtrackker is a Registered indoctrination Organisation that endeavour nationally cognized qualifications and specialised training to are nationally recognised by all State Government subpoena and registration authorities of Building topographer Specialised training is developed to domicile unambiguous work related defiance with a focus on preparing new recruits for industry, and up skilling existing practitioners to current industry standards and practices. Training is committed to providing quality, flexible training options that meet a demanding schedule.

Python training institute in noida - The Institute is counselled and organised as research syndicate and education curriculum, rather than perpetuate tenacious departmental environs. The faculty can be copiously grouped concede to their regulation of computer science and engineering (CSE), electronics and communications engineering (ECE) and Mechanical engineering.

Python training institute in noida- The Institute is amidst the exiguous Indian institutes in which all academic staff have a doctoral degree. The institute also has a number of Guests, Adjunct and Visiting faculty members in various disciplines. Faculties are associated with new technologies (in blue in the image). Incorporating these into your teaching repertoire will ensure to be Innovative in terms of the ICT tools and electronic devices.

Python Training Institute In Noida - Python is an open source, high-level programming language that has been developed for use with a wide range of operating systems. The most powerful programming language is defined because of its dynamic and varied nature. Python is easy to use with a simple syntax and people who learn it for the first time find it very easy to grasp the concepts. Python programming supports numerous styles, such as functional programming, imperative and object-oriented styles.we are the Best Python Training institute in Noida, Delhi

webtrackker technology P LTD is the best IT company provides Best Python Training institute in Noida, Delhi With 100% placement guarantee. Webtrackker is an IT company and also dealing in all IT training courses. we have real time working trainer on Python training. our trainer having 4 to 8 Years Experience in Python training. After completing our Python training program we will provide you 100% placements in MNCs or Other Company. webtrackker is the Best Python Training Institute in Noida that provide live project base training/ hands on practical experience with top MNCs company placement. webtrackker trainer have 8+ years of real-time experience on Python projects In Top MNCs Company. webtrackker is the Best Python Training institute in Noida, delhi

Webtrackker Technology PVT LTD is the Best Python Training institute in Noida .
Candidates learn in Python :-
Python Version Numbers, Using the Python Shell, Using ‘os’ and ‘sys’, List Comprehension, Slicing, Dictionaries and Sets, Generators, File Management, with Live Project in Our Python Placement Training Course we will cover aptitude test preparation also. webtrackker is the Best Python Training institute in Noida, Delhi.

Best Python Training institute in Noida, delhi - webtrackker place 100+ candidates in Top MNCs company after completing Python training. webtrackker provide server facility or Lab facility for practical. well furniture, AC class, smart LCD class, Personality development classes, interview session, English speaking session 8+ years of real-time experience Trainers. Webtrackker follow performance check process for every student. webtrackker provides Python placement training. Python certification training in Noida, Delhi. We also provide fast track training programs for students join our Best Python Training institute in Noida, delhi

Top Reasons to Choose WEBTRACKKER for Python Training in Noida, delhi

  • We will provide you training recording tutorials sessions in case candidate missed any training lecture.
  • Our all training base on live practical and project base as per industry requirement.
  • we follow current industry standards training program
  • all training program provide by our placement partners
  • we conducted daily base training program and also weekend base also We can customize our training program as per candidate requirement
  • our all faculty having 6 to 10+ years current industry experience
  • our all trainer are certified professionals
  • we have 60+ system lab with latest version of hardware and software.
  • we conduct 100 % free personality development classes with Mock Job interviews & Presentation skills
  • we provide 100% free study material in form of E-Book’s, video, Dumps paper, 800 Interview Questions with Project and Source material
  • After completing course we offer course complete Certificate along with 6 months company experience latter
  • Smart classrooms fully equipped with projectors and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • we offer 100% placement with reference interview call
  • Hostel facilities available at Rs.4,500/- per month

WEBTRACKKER Trainer's Profile for Python Training in Noida, delhi

WEBTRACKKER'S Python Trainers are:

  • our all faculty having 6 to 10+ years current industry experience
  • our all trainer are working in Top multinational companies like Birlasoft , HCL Technologies, IBM ,TCS, Sapient etc.
  • Are working professionals working in multinational companies such as HCL Technologies, Birlasoft, TCS, IBM, Sapient, Agilent Technologies etc.
  • They are subject specialist and up to date in the subject they have ability to deliver the best knowledge because they continue to spend time in the real world industry
  • They are well connected with Multinational company’s hiring HRs to providing the placement as soon as possible
  • They help to student to develop the ability as per current industry standards to get the success for their dream job

Placement Assistance after Python Training in Noida, delhi

WEBTRACKKER'S 100% Placement Assistance

  • webtrackker Top Placement Company are :- HCL, Wipro, Dell, Birlasoft, TechMahindra, TCS, IBM etc See Webtrackker Recent Placement Clients
  • webtrackker hr team focuses on Group Discussions, personality development, and create students RESUME as per current company standards
  • After completion of 70% training course content, we will arrange the interview calls to students & prepare them to F2F interaction. See webtrackker Recent Placed Candidates
Modules About Modules
INTRODUCTION TO PYTHON Python Overview, History of Python, Python Features, Python Versions, Getting Python, Installing Python, Executing Python from Command Line, IDLE, Setting up PATH, Environment Variables
PYTHON BASIC SYNTAX First Python Program, Python Identifiers, Reserved words, Lines and Indentation, Dynamic Typing, Multi-Line Statements, Quotation in Python, Comments in Python, Multiple Statements on Single Line v
CONDITIONALS if, else, elif
LOOPS While loop, For loop, Nested loop
LOOPS CONTROL STATEMENTS break and Continue Statements
FUNCTIONS Defining a function, Calling a function, Parameters(arguments), Functional Arguments, The return Statement, Global vs. Local variable
MODULES Introduction To Module, Executing Modules as Scripts, Standard Modules, The dir() Function, The globals() and locals() Function, The reload Function
PACKAGES The import Statement, The from... Statement, The from...import* Statement, Namespaces and Scoping
NETWORKING Introduction to Socket, Server Socket Methods, Client Socket Methods
Modules DJANGO FRAMEWORK (Specialization Module)
INTRODUCTION TO DJANGO Web Framework, The MVC Design Pattern, Django’s History
GETTING STARTED Installing Python, Installing Django, Setting Up a Database, Using Django with PostgreSQL, Using Django with SQLite 3, Using Django with MySQL, Using Django Without a Database, The Development Server
DYNAMIC WEB PAGES Dynamic Content, Mapping URLs to Views, How Django Processes a Request, 404 Errors, Introduction to Html & CSS
DJANGO TEMPLATE SYSTEM Creating Template Objects, Rendering a Template, Basic Template Tags and Filters, Template Loading
INTERACTING WITH A DATABASE: MODELS The MTV Development Pattern, Installing the Model, Basic Data Access, Groups
CACHING Setting Up the Cache, The Per-Site Cache, The Per-View Cache, The Low-Level Cache API, Upstream Caches, Order of MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES
MIDDLEWARE Initializer: __init__(self), RequestPreprocessor: process_request (self, request), View Preprocessor: process_view (self, request, view, args, kwargs), Response Postprocessor: process_response(self, request, response), Exception Postprocessor: process_exception(self, request, exception), Built-in Middleware
NETWORK PROGRAMMING IN PYTHON Introduction, Introduction to Client/Server Networking, UDP, TCP, Socket Names and DNS, Network Data and Network Errors, TLS and SSL, Server Architecture
PYTHON OBJECT TYPES Assigning Values to Variables, Multiple Assignment, Standard Data Types, Python Numbers, Python Strings, Python Lists, Python Tuples, Python Dictionary, Python Files, Data Type Conversion
PYTHON NUMBERS Number Type Conversion, Mathematical Functions, Trigonometric Functions
FILES I/O InputFunction, Open Function, file object Attributes, close() Method, write() Method, read() Method, rename() and remove() Method
EXCEPTION HANDLING Syntax Errors, Introduction to Exception, Handling Exception
OOPS CONCEPT Class and Objects, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Data Abstraction
DATABASE ACCESS Introduction to DataBase, Database Connection, CRUD Operations, Performing Transactions, COMMIT Operation, ROLLBACK Operation, Disconnecting Database, Handling Errors, Selecting Objects, Slicing Data, Making Changes to a Database Schema
DJANGO ADMINISTRATION SITE Activating the Admin Interface, Users, Groups, and Permissions
GENERIC VIEWS Using Generic Views, Generic Views of Objects, Extending Generic Views, Complex Filtering with Wrapper Functions
GENERATING NON-HTML CONTENTMODE The basics: views and MIME-types, Producing CSV, Generating PDFs, Installing ReportLab, Writing Your View, The Syndication Feed Framework, The Sitemap Framework
SESSIONS, USERS, AND REGISTRATION Cookies, Django’s Session Framework, Other Session Settings, Users and Authentication
PYTHON FOR DATA ANALYST Preliminaries v Introductory Examples, IPython: An Interactive Computing and Development Environment, NumPy Basics: Arrays and Vectorized Computation, Getting Started with pandas, Data Loading, Storage, File Formats, Data Wrangling: Clean, Transform, Merge, Reshape, Plotting and Visualization, Data Aggregation, Group Operations, Time Series, Financial and Economic Data Applications, Advanced NumPy NETWORK

Name : Ritu Srivastava

Technology : Sales Force

Company : Tech Mahindra

Package: 4 Lacs View Details

Name : Ritu Bhadouria

Technology : Hadoop Developer

Company : HCL

Package: 5 Lacs View Details

Name : Puja Rathore

Technology : hadoop developer

Company : IBM

Package: 3.5 Lacs View Details

Name : Sunil Dubey

Technology : Salesforce Developer

Company : Atos

Package: 4.5 Lacs View Details

Name : Amerjeet Puri

Technology : Salesforce Developer

Company : Hitechpro

Package: 4 Lacs View Details

Name : Rinku sharma

Technology : Core Web Developer

Company : Atos

Package: 4.5 Lacs View Details

List Of Recent Top Placed Candidates

Candidate Name Company Starting Package
Amit B.Tech 6.5 Lac
Sachin IBM 4.2 Lac
Deepak MIS Data 5.5 Lac
Sonu MCA 4.9 Lac
Hemant R System 4.8 lac
Kuldeep HCL 6.2 Lac
Puneet Fujitsu 4.8 Lac
Mohit Wipro 5.5 Lac
Amit Capgemini 6.2 Lac
Rishabh hytech pro 5.3 Lac
Mohit IBM 4.8 Lac
Danish Capgemini 5.75 Lac
Sunil Dubey Atos 5.5 Lac
Amerjeet Puri Hitechpro 4.8 Lac
Rinku sharma Fujitsu 5.2 Lac
Arun Atos 5.4 Lac
Nirmal R System 5.2 Lac
Puja Rathore IBM 5.3 Lac
Ritu Bhadouria HCL 4.84 Lac
Ram Kumar HCL 4.8 Lac
Ritu Srivastava Tech Mahindra 4.91 Lac
Anil Singh TCS 6.2 Lac
Pankaj Atos 4.5 Lac
Ajeet Tech Mahindra 4.83 Lac
Veed Tech Mahindra 4.92 Lac
JS Khan Wipro 5.2 Lac
Piyush Pathak Wipro 5.76 Lac
Sandeep LG 5.3 Lac
Harsh Word Tech 5.2 Lac
Ritu Accenture 4.7 Lac
Anita Tech Mahindra 5.2 Lac
priya Accenture 5.2 Lac
Danish IBM 6.3 Lac
Golu R System 4.8 Lac
Amer deep Webtrackker 5.2 Lac
Raj Mothu Webtrackker 4.8 lac
Divya fujitsu 6.3 Lac
Geta fujitsu 4.3 Lac
Vikash Webtrackker 3.4 Lac
Jony Wipro 4.2 Lac
Kunal Accenture 4.3 lac
Sachin Hytech Pro 5.9 Lac
Bineet Webtrackker 4.9 Lac
Mohit Wipro 3.8 Lac

Python training Course in Noida, Greater Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon.

Eligibility & Prerequisite:

  • Fresh graduates
  • who are looking to have an exciting career in Python
  • Freshers want start to their careers in Python
  • who have worked in Java and C#

At end of this Python training you will, be capable to do things like.

  • Understand the In-depth concepts of Python
  • Can build a Independent Desktop/Web application
  • Work on one sample Projects


    Job Opportunities in Python:

    The whole world has come under one roof now, which is the roof of technology. Is it fresher or an experienced Pythonhaving opportunities for both. .

    Webtrackker Noida provides Best Python training Institute in Noida as per on current industry standards that enables students to their dream jobs at MNCs. Webtrackker Provides Best Python training in Noida. Webtrackker is one of the reputed Python training institutes in Noida offering hands on practical knowledge and 100% placement assistance along with basic as well as advanced level Python training courses.

Python training Institute in Noida, Greater Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon.

Regular Batch ( Mon - Fri)

  • Duration : 2.5 Months

Weekend Training Batch( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

  • Duration : 2.5 Months

Fast Track batch

  • Duration : 1 week & 1 Month



Python training in Noida, delhi

Python training institute in Noida, delhi

Python course in Noida, delhi

Python institute in Noida, delhi

best Python training institute in Noida, delhi

Webtrackker Projects

Webtrackker is IT based company in many countries. Webtrackker will provide you a real time project training with code explanation.Creating webpages devloped using all tools

Best Python Training Institute In Noida & Best Python Training Institute In delhi


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